Sunday, 21 September 2014


The outfit I am sporting in today's post has already been circulating in the virtual world of Facebook and Instagram, thanks to guys from blog. I have been asked by Pranay Jaitly (@pranayjaitly) of  blog to send him some photographs of an outfit that would represent myself, so I thought I would definitely mix pink and some patterns. That's me,  I thought.

After some time browsing in many different shops dominated by shades of dark garments, I kept on looking for pieces that would catch my attention and I finally came across pink trousers, patterned jumper with splashes of pink and grey, and jersey blazer in Topshop. I have to say that I have recently got to like Oxford Street Topshop as they have got great variety of clothes in different colours and patterns and, quite often, their clothes seem to be more adventurous than in some other high-street retailers.

Shades of pink, berries and fuchsia, started showing up tentatively in high-street shops, but I doubt whether men will want to wear something that is purely associated with little girl's room or Barbie doll (By the way, have you seen the recent Barbie inspired Moschino collection?) Also, most of us believe that winter outfits should be reserved for grey, black, brown and navy blue...

My outfit

The pink trousers can be bought together with the same colour blazer at Topshop, but I decided to mix them with white jumper with splashes of pink and grey. To make the whole outfit warm, cosy and comfortable, I decided to match it with jersey blazer, for a casual and relaxed look.

Personally, I think this outfit could be worn everywhere, but some of you may say that this colour scheme is much too much for a workplace, for example. I am saying that if my outfit consisted of blocks of grey, white or black, nobody would even mention or notice it... I would just pass by...

When my friend saw this outfit on Facebook feed, she said there was too much pattern. I am going to ignore this comment as mismatched patterns are on trend and they make street-style more adventurous and interesting.

Blazer, jumper, trousers - Topshop
Shoes: Ricardo Colli
Socks: M&S