Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Someone told me that I should not really be buying clothes from outlets. The main argument was that the clothes are often out of season and, as a blogger, I should be writing about current collections. I agree to some extent, but I can't resist clothes I am attracted to and, usually at that time, I experience Eureka moment during which I know exactly what pieces I could match.

Shirt: DKNY Jeans

The thing with an outlet shop is that you have to go there with an open mind and without any expectations. The reason for this is that if you are looking for a specific shirt, dress, or a pair of shoes you might be looking for ages and might end up being disappointed - you do not always find what you want, it's the clothes finding you... It's all about being creative and inventive with your finds. It's about making quick and spontaneous decision about the item you are trying on and thinking about matching it with another piece you might, perhaps, have at home.  You might as well buy the odd item, but then, again, you might end up with hanging it in your wardrobe where it could be reminding you of its existence for many seasons to come, until you decide to donate it to a charity shop in the best case scenario...

Shirt: DKNY Jeans (T.K.Maxx)
Trousers: Ganesh (T.K.Maxx)
Shoes: Rivieras
The shirt and trousers I am wearing in today's post are from T.K.Maxx outlet. I bought them on separate occasions and I decided to match them together to get casual, summer or weekend look. It will definitely be fine for a shopping trip at weekend (if it does not rain!), date, drink with your mates, or for weekend away somewhere where the weather is still being kind to people, as it should be during August.

White, black and navy-blue will always go together. I am still unsure whether the stripes on DKNY Jeans shirt is an intended design style or is it just a faulty, end of line sort of shirt, as you sometimes might get in outlet shops. I would love to find out. Anyhow, I actually think that washed effect looks much cooler on the shirt stripes than it would have been in plain black. The trousers are by Ganesh and I loved the texture of the fabric (see two last images for the print), not to mention the colour. Initially the legs of the trousers were slightly too wide and too long as for my liking, so I had them shortened and taken in a little bit. I think that making a slight alteration to your clothing can make a huge difference.

Now, the shoes. I have had them for some time now and I have not showcased them yet in any posts and I thought that the colourful mesh will make a massive difference to the whole outfit by making it more dynamic and summer-like. I bought the shoes in the beginning of summer by discovering them on ASOS. The brand is called Rivieras ( and they produce 50's style inspired slip-ons.

Rivieras (Lord Zelco)

The company focuses on slip-ons only and produces them in different types of materials such as: canvas, polyester, suede, raffia, not to mention their cool and vibrant colours they use in their designs. I was so excited when I found their website and I really couldn't wait for their arrival so I ordered an express delivery.  I was really happy with these beauties when they arrived - they were, first of all, really comfy and, secondly, stylish. They will   definitely rock your outfit. Worth spending your money.

So, I have got different textures, different colours and different fabrics. It' time to go into town and test people's reactions... I think that i desperately need a cool jeans jacket or blazer...